Yellow NZ on why print and digital work best together in TRMC webinar

Yellow NZ (formerly Yellow Pages NZ) realised early that advertisers and their print partners need to work collaboratively so printers can deliver the best solutions for their customers.

In the last of the Power of Print webinar series hosted by The Real Media Collective, Yellow NZ head of customer experience June Hartel and head of brand and acquisition Kelly Duncan shared their insights into how Yellow NZ revitalised its approach to customers, and learnt from SMEs, advertisers and brands to develop solutions that align under a common delivery of marketing services.

To watch the recording of this webinar and view the Class Notes, please click here.

With businesses changing their ways of operation since COVID, Hartel said Yellow NZ noticed an increase in customers shopping online, resulting in more requests around digital education.

“There are so many options out there when it comes to digital education that our customers are finding confusing. Education, for a lot of these customers, has become quite critical and results based marketing is what they are looking for,” she said.

“We’re fielding so many more questions on where they should put their money – is it in print or digital – to get the most value out of their investments. Our answer to that is that the future is multi-channel marketing, spreading their budget across a number of channels which will increase their ROI without increasing their budget.”

Hartel said consumers now want to consume whenever, wherever and however they want, so they need consistent messaging across channels to connect online and offline experiences.

“Customers need to empower their consumers and not overwhelm them. Continuous connections and strong relationships will ensure customer longevity, whether it’s online or offline,” she said.

Supporting their claim that digital and print need to support each other, Hartel said Yellow NZ identified, using Google trends, a 32 per cent increase in NZ sales for businesses marketing their products in both print and digital channels.

She added that 62 per cent of Kiwis that interacted with a brand online or offline said they would purchase that product again.

“This reaffirms why print and digital needs to work hand in hand,” she added.

Hartel said advertisers also need to measure the ROI on their spend. Yellow NZ has now implemented two ways of doing this:

  • Providing all ad display advertisers with a tracking number unique to them. A report is then generated that gives them information on call volumes by date, time, and on what devices.
  • Enabling customers to make informed decisions on what their investments would be based on return investment on ad spend.

Duncan said Yellow NZ connects consumers and distributes over two million books in NZ via 350 community groups. It also offers a number of digital tools.

“We help customers navigate what can be confusing. And customers need to be where their customers are, which is in print and online,” she said.

Duncan also mentioned that it’s not a one-size fits all approach for businesses and strategies differ in relation to business sizes. But she said the one common denomination is the customer, and listening to the needs of the customer.

“Ask them what is the best solution for their business. Help them navigate what can sometimes be overwhelming and build out a solution that best works for them and their customers,” she added.

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