Young printers talk up industry in video

Finalists of 2015 Media Super Young Executive Award have put their thoughts and aspirations in a series of PIAA video interviews designed to encourage young people to join the print industry. Each of the state finalists were interviewed after this year’s final judging held during PrintEx15. They are seen discussing their careers, future hopes and visions for the future of the printing industry. Speaking with Australian Printer, Joe Kowalewski, PIAA national director communications, technology and creative services, says, “Turn back the clock and no one wanted to be part of the printing industry. They thought that they would be a dark basement covered with black ink.”

Claire Hamilton-RZD

Claire Hamilton, Self-employed, Queensland

Kowalewski says, “But that has changed. The print industry today offers young people a career path that can take them in any direction they want. They can be in sales, marketing, digital technology, graphic design, and a range of other paths. “The series has dual purpose. First, it is to show young people talking about their positive experiences and the quality of young people entering and working in the printing industry. “Second, it will also attract other young people to join the print industry as the videos provide an insight into how young industry people see the future of the industry unfolding.” He says the initiative will also remind employers to nominate their talented young employees so they get recognised for the great work they do. Kowalewski says, “The videos have been released in conjunction with the call for entries for 2016 Award nominations.

Jeremy Scott, Impress Print, Tasmania

Jeremy Scott, Impress Print, Tasmania

“We want to encourage industry companies to look at their own businesses for potential candidates up to the age of 35 years. “The award has been created to recognise and reward young, exceptional employees, who show exemplary promise as executives in the print, packaging and graphic communications sectors.” Kowalewski says a website area had been created to host the videos, with entry forms and contact details for participating states. He says a special thank you was due to Media Super for its support in the production of the videos and commitment to the Awards program. The interviewed candidates are: • Wil Stevens from Collotype Labels, South Australia, says: “The experience in the printing industry is going to be key . . . I am undergoing training for digital printing and I have done prepress . . . those are enabling me to gain a greater understanding of the client’s needs within the print industry.” • Sean Thompson from Webstar, NSW, says: “Moving forward I think that the successful businesses are the ones who that can use electronic media in conjunction with our printed products and give our customers the value-add and the opportunities to get across what they want.” • Ellie Savage from James Yeates & Sons, Victoria, says: “Print can really control where the online market is going.” • Jeremy Scott from Impress Print, Tasmania, says: “You can’t just use social media to tell a person what the wine is about, you have to use a label and printing is the only way” • Claire Hamilton from Self-employed, Queensland, says: “We definitely need to keep learning and changing with the times and not be afraid of collaborating with the digital realm as well as print and design.” • Rio Chard from Scott Print, Western Australia, says: “It’s an exciting, changing dynamic place and something that I’m really excited to be involved in.”

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